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Success in Complex Litigation

Dear Clients and Friends,

Permit me to share some success we have had recently with some complex litigation matters. Cases such as these are not routine and knowing that we have experience and success in these matters may be of help to you.

The common denominators of these matters are:

1. Large claims

2. Multiple claimants

3. An overlap of legal specialties including civil litigation, fraud claims, defamation and breach of contract, bankruptcy, misdemeanor and felony crime allegations

4. An internet/social media blitz of negativity, slander and libel, and

5. All of this while the taking care of the ongoing needs of these clients to continue making a living and expanding their businesses.

The results we obtain are routinely revitalizing. In one of these matters our handling quieted down to a silence a mob mentality “feeding frenzy” that was financially, mentally and physically creating a near meltdown for our client. This client is now holding the reins not only on this case, but also on one of the most successful business ventures of their career. this latter benefit occurred when we were able to impress the key persons in the new venture that we had the “feeding frenzy” under control. They were then willing to comfortably go forward in business with this client.

We have established a successful network of attorney specialists who together make a coordinated team that is as good as it gets with regards to minimizing costs and optimizing a coordinated handling of these situations.

As always, call us for a free initial phone evaluation on matters such as the above or on any other real estate, business or family law matter you or someone you know would like to discuss.



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