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Restoring access to Justice in California?

Dear Clients and Friends,

On September 4, 2013 I notified you all a Justice Crises in our California Court system.  It was noted that this was primarily occurring because for the last 3 years hefty budget cuts have been decimating our court system, and I made the following suggestion:

In spite of this justice crisis the rules remain, the laws remain, legal confrontations continue and whether you are on your own or working with an attorney you need to, more than ever, focus on effective and efficient resolutions of your legal problems versus  “seeking full justice” in the Courts.

While this advice remains – there are some recent and hoped-for improvements in this crisis – a bit of an up-tick in Court funding and a Judicial Counsel with

a priority agenda that is seeking to avert a complete melt down for California’s Justice system – do check out the below link for more on this.

We are still far from THE fix,   but it is an up-tick for justice and that works for all of us – at least for now.



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