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Civil litigation continues to be driven as much by the economics of prosecuting or defending a lawsuit as it does by the merits of the case. It is the best use of one’s time and money to evaluate a litigation matter before jumping into the battle or “forgetting about it”.

Arbitrating and mediating disputes is more sensible than court litigation and ever more popular. Less time, less costs, and it is not unusual to maintain, and even enhance a personal and or business relationship in one of these forums. Knowing your legal rights (or your exposure) remains important in these alternative settings. They do not occur in a vacuum, and there is no substitute for being prepared and informed as to your legal rights as well as having a real strategy for winning.

In DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE, CUSTODY and FAMILY SUPPORT matters knowing the law, knowing your rights and seeking to mediate them is, in our experience, conspicuously the method of choice for resolving these disputes. On the other hand, there remain cases that need to be litigated, and even appealed to higher courts. An evaluation of your legal problem with someone who has been there and done that should be the first item on your agenda.

We continue to provide a free initial telephone evaluation of your matter. If there is a possibility of moving forward we recommend an office consultation as an optimal way to deal with the question put forth in the subject of this e-mail.

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