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Law office update

Dear Clients and Friends,

Permit me this orientation update on our law office’s services:

Word of mouth advertising continues to be an important aspect of our practice and having you all informed on who we are and what we can do to help you and yours with life’s legal challenges I suggest can and will be of value to us all.

As most of you well know our office manager, my wife and “Gal Friday,” do our good works with the aid of our very competent veteran staff. In view of covid 19 restrictions and for the sake of efficiency we have on a contract basis 8 attorneys and 2 paralegals that we have known and worked with for major periods of time. Our family law paralegal is the best and she has been with us for over 20 years. Our estate planning and probate specialist has 43 years of experience as an attorney and national consultant in his areas of expertise and our bankruptcy guy is a California Bar Association certified bankruptcy specialist. One of our real estate litigation attorneys is an attorney’s attorney – he never stops ceasing to amaze us with how much law he knows and how often he creatively combines facts, laws and legal procedure into a simple strategy that dramatically and suddenly turns the tide on a case.

Our collective areas of expertise goes from divorce to real estate to probate, to criminal law, to tax collection defense, estate planning and condo association and owners disputes.

Of course, we continue to invite each of you to bring your and your friends legal challenges  to our attention for a free phone evaluation of them. And, with our decades of experience we give you all suggestions for the most efficient handlings by us, by you or perhaps by walking away from more noise than a legal problem is worth

If we cannot help – we can and do routinely refer you and yours to proven good people.

Our goal for each client matter is:


We look forward to doing this for each of you.




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