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GOOD NEWS facts on why Los Angeles, CA, USA continues to be cool

Dear Clients and Friends,

Our Los Angeles Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate and Bankruptcy practice centers around our clients’ personal (versus business) legal best interests.

In these times “Where-To-Live” is a more important issue than we have ever seen in our 40+ years of practice.

In this newsletter we argue that Los Angeles, CA, all things being equal, is as good as it gets in this country (and even on this planet) as a place to live and here are the facts:

1. In June of this year, Leo Feler, the UCLA Anderson Forecast’s senior economist said: "We are about to have one of the best years of economic growth that we’ve had since World War II. We’re looking at a boom time for the U.S. economy.”

2. Scott Anderson, the Chief Economist at Bank of the West said recently that “Consumers flush with swelling bank accounts, record personal savings and household wealth, and an appetite to spend like a sailor on furlough will drive the recovery.

3. L.A. continues to be a city Of winners:

- Dodgers, won the World Series last year and are the leading favorite for this year. - Lakers won the NBA championship last year and likely to do it again. - Rams are one of a handful of Super Bowl favorites.

4. Virtually every one we see and know are doing as well or better financially as they were before covid. And...

5. In the last couple of years Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (formerly known as Google), Facebook, NetFlix and others have established major footprints in Los Angeles. These companies, I submit, are the ones to monitor and it is comforting to have their recent L.A. endorsements for our township.

(This data comes from a review compiled for dot.LA by the tech office broker HelloOffice, which it says uses proprietary data to track real estate listings and trends in real time.)

Add to this that for most of us “all things are not equal” because of our many family, social and business ties to Los Angeles and therefore staying-the-course in L.A. just may be the best of decisions for each of us.

We are here if you need any legal help and we look forward to hearing from each of you.

Best, Ron

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