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Divorce and Bankruptcy

The life challenge of a bankruptcy or a divorce will, each on their own, generate an all too memorable life experience for most anyone. Add to this having these events occur together (an all too common phenomenon) and the need for maximum damage-control skyrockets.

The good news is that recovering your life is a realistic option and that ideally starts with you and your spouse getting into a new level of commonality regarding the confronting and handling of these challenges.

If such is, or is not, available you will always need more information about your options. We invite you to call us for a FREE initial phone evaluation regarding your situation. If it is then of interest to do more in the way of specifically reviewing your best options and their costs then we suggest that you set up an office conference to personally review your life revival action plan.

You and your spouse, or significant other, can easily agree that such things as minimizing taxes, attorney fees and court costs is worth cooperating on and the magic bonus on this is that your re-opened communication on these common issues all too easily expands into additional understandings and a much improved life for each of you.

We are pretty good at this – do take advantage of our above offer.



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