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Deciding on a Bankruptcy

Dear Clients and Friends,

A liquidating, Chapter 7, Bankruptcy comprises the vast majority of Bankruptcy filings.

Deciding on such a filing should not be based solely on one’s need to get rid of ones bills. That is too often done and too short sighted to get one what they really need and want – which is a “Fresh start”.

Two simple rules we recommend one follow in deciding on a Chapter 7 filing are:

1. Decide to file, or not, based on the greater good for you and yours.  And

2. Have a going-forward plan for your “Fresh start” and a new and improved financial future.

With step 2 in place, filing is not the end-all.  It is, as it should  only be a step in your plan to improve your life.   If this is honestly done and implemented it will give you your new and improved life – and that is what a Bankruptcy is meant to do.

Do let us know if we can be of help.



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