Alexander Koblikov

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Juggler, Alexander Koblikov, provides an aesthetic, skillful and entertaining moment.
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Summary Dissolution of Marriage in California

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Qualifying married couples can agree to a low cost Summary Dissolution of their marriage. To qualify, each party must meet each of the following requirements:

1. Married for a maximum of 5 years – this time period is measured from the date of marriage to the date of separation.

2. No children are born or adopted during the period of the marriage and a new child is not expected at the time of filing for a Summary Dissolution.

3. No real estate is owned or subject to a one year lease with an option to buy.

Retaining tax records?

How long one needs to retain tax records is an FAQ and although there are general rules, they are general and your personal understanding of the basic rules along with your own judgment should not be ignored or fully delegated.  As a former IRS attorney and long time real estate, business and family law litigator I offer the below to increase your understandings and to enhance your judgment in this area.

Even taxpayers with relatively simple returns and supporting documents may still have an a troubling volume of tax records accumulated – and from there we have the query:  How long should one hold on to tax records?

Estate Planning and its tax benefits

Dear Clients and Friends,

Estate and Gift taxes are integrated in their computations, they change almost annually and an FAQ for us is: “Ron, how much are the taxes on gifts and at death for me, my Mom…, and how can I avoid or at least minimize them.”
This link is a good to place to start for those of you who may be interested.
If further questions on avoiding these taxes or with estate palnning in general remain – please call us to see if we can be of help.
For example, if you do not have a basic Revocable Living Trust (not a Will) or if you have not made provisions for your children’s successor home if that becomes necessary I can assure you, you will be best served by calling us.
keep you r home

Saving your home with California’s homeower’s Bill of Rights

On July 11, 2012 California’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill No. 900. This bill is an act to add and amend a bevy of California Civil Code sections intended to monitor lenders and protect homeowners from earlier predatory/summary (i.e. illegal and/unjust) foreclosure practices.

Be assured that this legislation is for real. It understands what is going on with mortgage lenders from loan inception to bad-faith loan modification processes and more. The courts respect it and it provides homeowners with their best approach to saving their homes from foreclosure.


Bankruptcy and your credit.

Concerns over one’s credit profile is an FAQ for us from persons considering their Bankruptcy options.

Below is a link to an article from that provides a very good overview for these questions.

If more is needed please let us know.

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Dear Clients and Friends,

In this message we are addressing frequent areas of inquiry regarding past due tax obligations.

Some key recommendations are:

1.  File timely even if you do not have some or all of your tax payments to hand.You are not unique if you have not filed for multiple years – and perhaps do not even have good records for doing so at this time.   Something can be done about this problem and it can be life changing for one to just commence a handling of this area of one’s life.   No statutes of limitations run, no bankruptcy discharge options are available nor are possible payment plans or debt compromised settlements with the IRS available until one files accurate (i.e. not fraudulent) tax returns.


George Gershwin 101

Israeli musicologist, Dr Astrith Balstan, provides in under 5 minutes a delightful introduction to perhaps America’s greatest composer, George Gershwin.  It is a recommended watch – of course.

We always advise that you stay un-serious in a contest – legal or otherwise – to optimize your chances for success. Having videos of this nature regularly in your life is an important part of doing that.

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IRS has new woes – but they’re still your foes.

Dear Clients and Friends,

The below link is to a recent AP article on the current status of the IRS.

Yes, there is “good news” for taxpayers because the IRS is having problems with budget cuts, congressional investigations and with its new Obama-care responsibilities.  Each of these factors reduce the odds of one being audited.

In spite of this – and in view of the fact that I was a former IRS attorney – we recommend against complacency and increasing levels of non-compliance.


Deciding on a Bankruptcy

Dear Clients and Friends,

A liquidating, Chapter 7, Bankruptcy comprises the vast majority of Bankruptcy filings.

Deciding on such a filing should not be based solely on one’s need to get rid of ones bills. That is too often done and too short sighted to get one what they really need and want – which is a “Fresh start”.

Two simple rules we recommend one follow in deciding on a Chapter 7 filing are:

1. Decide to file, or not, based on the greater good for you and yours.  And